uniVISION MAX HID are High Intensity Discharge Searchlights, which deliver almost daylight, even in completely dark surroundings.
uniVISION MAX HID are bringing the tactical capabilities in the dark to the next level, as operators can illuminate their environments with extremely bright light. With a power of 6.800 lumen, uniVISION MAX HID has a range of 1.4 km and are therefore most useful for civil security or military applications.
The uniVISION MAX HID (High Intensity Discharge) is among the strongest searchlights commercially available with the innovative Dual-Power Function. The uniVISION MAX HID supplies professional users with highly visible white light, which is near daylight with a max. performance of 6.800 lumen. This power provides perfect illumination of any area with a maximum distance of up to 1.4 km.
  • Focusable & adjustable beam (spot to wide angle)
  • Powered by a high performance Lithium-Ion battery, for more than 2 h full power
  • Two power levels (50/70 Watt)
  • Dust, water & impact resistant (IP 65)
  • LED battery condition display
  • Mountable on tripod
  • Car chargeable
  • Different color lenses
  • 6.800 lumen for 1.4 km range