To track and monitor prisoners 24/7 in high security prisons is one of the most challenging tasks for wardens and the security personnel. This is even harder, if prisoners are allowed to leave the prison‘s indoor area or are on day-release programs.

The uniTAG PRISONER TAG enables the global tracking of prisoners and secured objects.

All of the functions can be individually programmed according to the requirements of the prison security policy and according to single prisoner movement rights.

The uniTAG PRISONER TAG enables positioning via GSM, GPS radio and active RFID. It features a “call-in” function, which offers remote auditory reconnaissance/ monitoring at any time.
  • Run-time up to 1 year without charging (on active stand-by)
  • If prisoner leaves the indoor area/ antenna coverage area, GSM and GPS modules will be switched-on automatically
  • Active monitoring of voice data and sounds is also possible (eavesdropping)
  • Alarms in case of sabotage and low-battery are integrated
  • Day-release and rehabilitation program tracking
For prisoners, who are allowed to be outside the indoor prison area, a wireless induction charger component can be integrated, with a range of 10 meters (US-certificate available).

Whenever the prisoner moves in this area, the uniTAG PRISONER TAG will be charged, which makes external charging obsolete.
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