uniTAG HANDHELD aRFID DETECTORS are mobile solutions for the detection and localization of aRFID uniTAGs. In situations when the position of an object or a person has to be determined precisely, e. g. when being in a multi story building, the uniTAG HANDHELD aRFID DETECTOR allows to pin-point the exact location.

TAG IDs and field-strength will be displayed. The alarm occurs through vibration and/or a buzzer-sound.
  • RFID-Transceiver, (beacon transceiver) to receive aRFID TAG signals
  • Frequency: 868 MHz ISM frequency band
  • Battery status
  • IDs: up to 65.000 TAG IDs can be displayed
  • Detection Range: up to 15 km
The uniTAG HANDHELD aRFID DETECTOR enables the security personnel to track other uniTAGs in the surrounding. They are especially useful to locate missing VIPs (uniTAG VIP TRACKER), escaped prisoners (uniTAG PRISONER TRACKING) or stolen (but tagged) objects (uniTAG aRFID TRACKER).