Over the last years the need for secure and encrypted communication has become crucial. Industrial espionage, a high-risk environment or VIP protection, the reasons are manifold. To meet this requirements, unival presents uniCALL - ATG, a comfortable and highly encrypted call client.
uniCALL combines hybrid encryption technology and End-to-End encryption to the highest global standards as well as best quality and functionality. No data or key is stored on any server, and the Diffie-Hellmann 1.024 bit Public Key Algorithm assures highest protection against eavesdropping – uniCALL protects your communication.

With uniCALL worldwide phone calls and conferences are tap-proof with outstanding voice quality offering highest user-friendliness, thus offering highest protection against eavesdropping:

  • 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Diffie-Hellman 1.024 bit Public Key Algorithm (up to 4.096 bit) End-to-End Key, generated on the terminal device Highest-Level Hybrid Encryption Security Technology
  • Authentication by comparing the fingerprint
  • Usable worldwide, no additional hardware needed

The users of uniCALL are reachable worldwide without security risks, in every IP supported Network, regardless of the local network. Furthermore, ATGcall is cross-platform program, thus working with all main OS:


uniCALL uses a hybrid encryption process which consists of asymmetric encryption for the key generation and the key exchange (Diffie Hellman) and a symmetric encryption for the actual speech and conference calls based on a 256bit AES (Advanced Encryption Composed Standard) key length. For each call set-up a Diffie-Hellman key is generated on each terminal device and will be validated verbally ensuring that no ”man-in-the-middle“ attack has been launched.


For governmental clients and large private companies, ATGcall offers the Customize Cluster Complete (CCC) solution, with unlimited users on client-owned & managed servers.

This solution has been specifically designed for:
  • Governments
  • Embassies
  • Police
  • Military/Special Forces