The unival SWJ1 is a fully programmable stationary jammer for communication jamming up to 6.000 MHz within buildings like prisons.

It prevents any communication within rooms or complete properties, but avoids any health issues, due to its smart digital programming features.

Jamming Stand-alone operation is possible, as well as network-controlled operation.
12 DDS control board/ Programming features including:
  • Full programmable start and stop frequency
  • Sweep time from Nano second upwards
  • Freely programmable modulation modes
  • Programmable synchronization
  • Swap modes
  • USB-programming with MS software (XP/ 7)

System design/ highlights:
  • Modular construction for easy exchange of all system components such as amplifiers, control board etc.
  • Cable ducts for professional cable routing
  • Real time control & monitoring of system
  • Omni-/ directional antennas for optimum performance in all scenarios with universal port for fast exchange and use of alternative antenna systems