Mobile jammer are becoming more and more important to protect mobile security or police forces while operating in a high-risk environment. Due to this reason unival has developed the PWJ1, a portable, fully digital wideband jammer.

The PWJ1 enhances the jamming capabilities of any moving squad significantly, but can be also used to establish a secure zone in the field.

Components and the software of the PWJ1 are specified according to the customer’s requirements, thus achieving best possible jamming results.
The unival PWJ1 presents the latest generation of highly portable, intelligent & digital wideband jammer. Using state-of-the-art software along with the best hardware components available, the PWJ1 achieves an unrivaled jamming performance.
  • 100 % German technologies: all main components and system parts are made in Germany, full system certification in TECCENTER, Germany
  • FPGA/ 6 DDS control board for real-time programming of system
  • Communication window can be programmed
  • Multi-operation modes: Barrage, Sweep, Multi-Sweep, hopping with database
  • Modular system configuration 4 / 6 Band
  • Modular Power-Supply System, with fast access battery system and DC distribution
  • Latest generation FET power amplifiers for continuous operation in high-threat areas
  • Protection against overheating with real-time temperature
  • monitoring of main components

All frequency bands are controlled and operated through 6DDS chipset and individually programmable for barrage, sweep, multi-sweep and threat database operated hopping. All bands can be programmed individually for different jamming modes. Programming through included notebook and remote control.
6-DDS control board/ Programming features:
  • full programmable start and stop frequency
  • sweep time from Nano second upwards
  • freely programmable modulation modes
  • 64 I/O  for switch, detection, alarm, remote
  • 12 analog IN for temperature, fan, battery monitoring
  • USB-programming with MS software (XP/7/8)
  • Reactive Jamming upgrade possible