To track and monitor prisoners 24/7 in a supermax or high security prison is one of most challenging tasks for wardens and the security personnel.
This is even harder, if prisoners are allowed to leave the prison‘s indoor area or are on day-release programs.
The uniTAG PRISON tracking series enables the global tracking of prisoners and secured objects. All of the functions can be individually programmed according to the requirements of the prison security policy and according to single prisoner movement rights.


The uniTAG PRISON Tracker enables positioning via active GPS, GSM radio and active RFID, remote auditory reconnaissance/ monitoring at any time and a heavily protected anti-sabotage module.

  • Smart Power Management
  • Programmable & customizable
  • All-in-One (aRFID, aGPS, GSM)
  • Remote configuration
  • Versatile and scalable
  • Motion Sensor
  • Call-in/ Listen-in /Monitoring Functionality
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sabotage-proof and protected
  • Inductive charging option
  • Integrated Compass, Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor, Magnetic Sensor & Skin detector (Temperature SensoruniTAG | PRISON TRACKER


All uniTAG PRISON Tracker products are fulfilling the essential requirements of the following European Directives:
R&TTE |  Directive 1999/5/EG on basis of EN 300 440 und EN 302 208
7/2009 of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) for RFID.
89/336/EWG |  Guidelines of the council for the unification of legal regulations of the member states concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC-Directive) as last amended by Council Directive 91/263/EU, 92/31/EWG and 93/68/EU.

73/23/EWG |  Guidelines of the council for the unification of legal regulations of the member states concerning electrical equipment for use within certain voltage limits (Low-Voltage Directive), revised by directive 93 / 68 / EU issued by the Council.
CE marking are on the devices. In addition and according to European law, aRFID technology has to be marked as well (“Device uses aRFID”).


  • Buzzer Alarm (via call-in, the unival Prisoner TAG buzzer alarm can be activated)
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Software/ Firmware update via micro-USB and/ or GSM
    (no need for the prison-guards to touch or get close to the prisoners - remote maintenance, re-programming)
  • Programming of virtual fencing around reference points (aGPS points)
    of repeaters/ network antennas
  • Programmable movement profile
  • Active control: e.g. uniTAG PRISONER will be activated every 30 minutes (vibrational-/ buzzer alarm), which needs to be deactivated by the prison guard manually
  • Remote configuration/ programming
  • Build-in microphone – automatic wave-file recording on the server is access restricted unless the real alarm is triggered. Via call-in, the microphone can be activated at any time
  • On-the-fly programming, software- and firmware updates
  • Officers doesn‘t need to touch prisoners for any uniTAG PRISONER related actions


If Repeater TAGs and Network Antennas are setting reference points outside the prison environment the smart power management is working on the same principle.

Whenever the prisoner is moving outside the coverage area of repeaters and antennas, the uniTAG PRISONER will switch to GSM/ aGPS tracking mode. In example, if the prisoner on day parole is leaving his home (aRFID coverage) his movement rights will be monitored by aGPS/ GSM module.

Arriving at work or prison etc., monitoring will be aRFID controlled. Only leaving certain pre-defined paths will trigger an alarm. Certain areas (e.g. neighborhood) can be excluded from movement rights with an additional repeater TAG/ Network Antenna.

Still uniTAG Prisoner is only transmitting data, if pre-configured scenarios are violated (cross-checked against the repeater programming and/or the online monitoring with the network antenna).


  • Smart power management
  • Programmable
  • Customizable
  • All-in-One (aRFID, aGPS, GSM)
  • Remote configuration
  • Versatile and scalable
  • Motion Sensor
  • Sabotage-proof and protected
  • Easy to maintain
  • Call-in/ Listen-in/ Monitoring functionality



State-of-the-art Prison TAGs require several technical features, consuming lots of energy. Especially when aGPS/ GSM transmission is activated, the lifetime of the power supply will be less than 24 hours.
The uniTAG Prison Concept is designed around Smart Power Management without limiting technology and security aspects.
Depending on the environment, in which uniTAG Prison is used, lifetime is defined as follows:
  • aRFID only (in prison environment): 4 - 12 month with high transmission sequence
  • aRFID only (in prison environment): 12 - 24 years with transmission sequence of every 10 – 20 minutes
  • aRFID with GSM/ aGPS transmission (in- and outdoor environment) every minute: 24 hours guaranteed!