uniTAG PIPELINE TAG is specifically taking care of the needs and requirements of the Oil & Gas Industry. uniTAG PIPELINE TAG tracks and monitors critical infrastructure of the oil & gas industry, such as pipelines and refineries.

All of the integrated security measures are customized and adaptable to the client’s needs. Surveillance, monitoring and detection are probably the most important security measures when it comes to securing a pipeline. unival therefore developed a new type of uniTAG Repeater, powered by solar energy, in order to give the best available protection.

uniTAGS PIPELINE allows with its Solar-TAG system to seamlessly secure complete refineries and oil- & gas pipelines over long distances in order to protect them from sabotage and manipulation.
uniTAG PIPELINE are based on the active radio frequency identification technology (aRFID).


uniTAGS PIPELINE is a cost effective monitoring and communication system with very little maintenance requirements. The system is fully scalable according to the length of the pipeline network and can be fully programmed for all operational needs.

As the uniTAGS PIPELINE work as a transmitter, receiver and repeater at the same time, the collected data is available in real time, whenever and wherever needed.

The radio systems of security personnel, construction workers and pipeline monitoring units will be also fitted with uniTAGS, thus allowing to monitor and send position, alarms and other collected data to the nearest respond unit.
Alarms, caused by sabotage or other occurrences will be transmitted automatically to control units and (security-) personnel, thus allowing locating the closest and fastest available help and support in time.


  • Freely scalable network
  • Integration of other uniTAG types (uniTAG VIP etc.) possible at any time
  • Independent from external power-supply
  • Freely programmable
  • Unique uniTAG IDs
  • Data collection and transfer in real-time (real-time monitoring of pipeline status)
  • Easy to install & mostly no maintenance required
  • Upgradable
  • Programming and Software updates “on-the-fly”

Requirements for Central Command & Control Room:
  • Internet access
  • 1 - 3 Windows Servers
  • 1 - 3 Monitors
  • 1 x uniTAG Tracking Portal Software
  • 1 x aRFID Receiver



The normal uniTAGs PIPELINE can be also fitted with a solar panel, in order to provide independent and unlimited power supply.

uniTAGs SOLAR can be deployed on 4m high poles, for areas outside the pipeline coverage or for bridging areas with low transmission signals (like forests, etc.).